Faboo & Nalita

FaNa – Faboo & Nalita coming together.

2 personalities, 2 energies, 2 careers united through House Dance – a couple in life as well as on stage.

House Dance

House Dance is a rhythmic dance rooted in tap dance, African dances, Latin dances, urban dances and, among others, capoeira.

The music that accompanies it is House (Deep House, Afro House, Latin House, Soulful House)

Based in Lausanne, active all over the world.

For 10 years, FaNa has travelled the world to win battles and give workshops.

44 battles won / 25 workshops / 19 countries

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A culture of sharing

House dance, despite being demanding, only makes sense if it is shared.


One has to surpass themselves at each practice, on each stage and in each battle to shape their art.


Each person has a story to tell, through our differences we can learn from one another.


All around the world, there are people dancing House and meeting them enables to grow and develop one’s dance vocabulary.